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Full Stack Developer
Block Chain Engineer
Indie-Game Enthusiast
and Crytography Nerd

About me

  • Self Motivated
  • All workers, teamed together or not, need the ability to cultivate motivation. I know that my productivity and reliability reflect not just me, but my products; you know that too. Motivation comes and goes with everyone, but it is my dedication to providing excellent service that allows me to provide the best possible work performance.

  • Team Oriented
  • Teamwork is critical. Having experience in leadership roles has eased my ability to communicate both up and down the ladder. This lets me make sure the right messages get to the right people and projects get done right, not just the first time, but on time as well.

  • Open door policies
  • No one likes not being able to ask questions. When you work with me, you get to ask all the questions you need. If you place a task in my hands and you want updates on it all you need to do is ask. It's that simple.

  • Clean communication
  • FaceTime, Slack, Discord, Phonecalls, Fax. I could go on and on, but lets face it: In today's society we have tons of options on ways to communicate, but not everyone knows how, when or what to communicate. After we set the guidelines for your project, neither you or I will have any doubts about the level of communication needed for the most efficiency.

  • Always learning
  • If I don't know how to do it now, ask me next friday! Learning is one of the most important aspects of my career and I take it seriously. I learn new things on every project I work on because I follow my motto: Don't be afraid to ask questions and always strive to expand your knowledge.

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Things I can help you with

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  • Web Development | UX/UI Design
  • SysAdmin | Security
  • Software Solutions
  • Music | SFX
  • Something else?

Web Development | UX Design

  • Ground up, completely custom websites designed for you by me
  • Say no to cookie cutter templates! Let me build a completely custom website for you from the ground up. We will work together to first design your website on paper, then media, and finally through code. At the end of this process you will have a modern professional looking website to attract more customers.

  • Google analytics and SEO set-up available
  • Let me worry about your SEO ( Search engine optimization ) set-up and web presence. You will be set up with google analytics and more at your request.

  • Need some UX/UI and have your development covered?
  • No problem! If you just need a neat new UX designed and not coded, let me know and I'll quickly get you set up with a tidy user interface with intuitive ideas and animaton inspiration to go along with it.

  • ECommerce set-up available
  • Do you need to sell your products online?
    Together we can choose the best ECommerce software for your business model.
    If you're a larger business looking for custom ECommerce software development check out Software Solutions, or look into hiring me.

  • Cross-device testing and compatibility checks
  • I hand test all of my finished products on Chrome and Firefox on Desktop and Mobile versions. If you need specific compatibility for older or less supportive browsers like IE, just let me know.

  • Are you local? Professional photography of your products and business space is available
  • All shots are taken with a Canon T6i and digitally touched up to give your shop or items the best appearance possible

  • Have a website that isn't working right? Let me fix it.
  • Maybe you just need a small tweak, or your menu stopped working right after a Wordpress update. Contact me today and get it fixed quickly!

SysAdmin | Security

  • Custom Server Rack / Workstation Builds & Installation*
  • Custom servers and workstation built to your specification and needs

  • Home / Small Business Networking
  • Get all your odds and ends connected and working with firewall configuration and network security in mind.

  • Home / Small Business Video Security*
  • Small scale video security system installations available for peace of mind.

  • Virtual Machine Setup
  • Virtualized systems set-up and configuration for network software and web applications.

  • Server / Network Application set-up
  • LAN/WAN Server set-up and configuration for network software and web applications. Access your business network software via LAN, WAN, or both. All set-ups identify security concerns and baseline security risk analysis.

  • Secure remote access set-up
  • Various methods of remote access to your new network are available depending on your situation.

*Onsite services limited to local clients

Software Solutions

  • Software solutions for your needs
  • You may not even know you can benefit from software sometimes, but after you have it...Well you just can't fathom living without it. If your digital business tasks seem slow and overly involved give me a shout and we can take a step back and view your process as a whole. You may benefit from having some existing or new software implemenations used in your day to day routine.

  • Make repetive tasks easier
  • New or existing software implemenation can rid you of repetitive time eating tasks that make your business less profitable.

  • API integration
  • Using APIs allows connecting new and existing applicatons with some of the most popular services on the market.

  • Big or small
  • Software solutions can be as large as a brand new internal network application to manage your employees timesheets and productivity, to utilizing existing software to change entries in a database; The possibilties are endless.

Music | SFX

  • Base Genre
  • Most of my writings utilize ambience and gentle harmonies. They are mostly geared towards game BGM.

  • Custom music for your project
  • If you like my examples feel free to reach out to me with a project.

  • Licensing
  • All of my existing music is available for licensing, just contact me

  • Music Examples

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